CROSSING THE LINE  “I see a small fire burning in your church,” the young woman sang in her melodious voice. “There
  Hello All, I apologize for the long silence. I have been caught up with a lot of work and I had to take time off to tend to personal
  Beatrice passed a hand over the face of the fat pot bellied man on her small narrow bed. When there was no reaction from the man, she placed her
  Ajoke looked at her new husband, unable to believe that she
  She is so beautiful, he said to himself, eyeing the stick

Twilight At Terracotta Indigo (2)

  THE BABY AND THE HOUSE FULL OF STRANGERS                           

Twilight At Terracotta Indigo (3)

                  THE CHILDHOOD FRIEND Tolu snapped

Guardian Of The Fall (2)

  The First Test
Marlene woke up with a start, beads of perspiration on her    forehead. “A nightmare,” she whispered to herself. A loud pounding began in her head, and