THE PROJECT SUPERVISOR, DARKNESS IN THE HOSTEL AND EJIRO’S REGRET Mrs. Oduware sat stiffly across her project supervisor, Mr. Akin as his eyes scanned her body and rested on her
The last thing Maryann remembered was lying on a king-size platform bed with the softest sheets she had ever seen. When she woke up again, groggy and disoriented, she found
    I am unashamedly feminine and very feminist. I beg to differ from the hard line approach but I won’t hesitate to voice my discontent with being
    “So you are a feminist?” “Yes I am.” “You don’t look like a feminist.” “What does a feminist look like?” “I don’t know.” A shake of the head.

The separate spheres theory and women in politics

  The core fundamentals of politics as propounded by 17th century political theorists like Thomas Hobbe and John Locke were built on the belief in the private-public dichotomy, one that
   CROSSING THE LINE  “I see a small fire burning in your church,” the young woman sang in her melodious voice. “There