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What Defines A Real Woman?



I am unashamedly feminine and very feminist. I beg to differ from the hard line approach but I won’t hesitate to voice my discontent with being treated with less respect than i deserve. Of course, feminists rant about respect and all that so it is easy to shake your head and say 

“uh-oh, here they come. Another one yet!”.

Today I am a little peeved about the way the society has pigeon holed women into its own narrow definition of womanhood. Women slavishly toe the line behind men and frankly it just makes me want to scream. God in his wisdom would have created me attached to a man’s side if he didn’t want me to think like a human being, proffer solutions to world problems and help in society building. The reason for my anger, I have watched countless women drain themselves attending to their partner’s needs while the said partner puts up his feet on a stool idly flicking through television channels even though the two of them just returned from chasing money or engaging in some energy draining venture together. 

While I am not averse to treating my man like a king, I reject being treated like a slave. I will tell you what defines a real woman. Her ability to manage the home, raise God fearing proper children AND CONTRIBUTE TO THE ECONOMY OF HER COUNTRY IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. Proverbs 31: 10-31.(*…..she perceives that her merchandise is profitable, her lamp does not go out at night”). Word up guys, it is never too late to help your spouse or partner accomplish her God given mission here on earth. it is for your own good because as intriguing as the slave-master routine is, it gets extremely boring and before long you start looking under strange skirts jeopardizing your happiness and peace.

Written on December 17, 2009.

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