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The Three Wise Men









There were three wise menIn the land of the Niger Area

One came from the East
A quintessential pen pusher
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Strong Missiles in his armoury

The other was from the West
Mythical, they even saw him in the sky
Waving his victory sign ahead of the battle
Knowledge he swore should be free

The last man stood in turbans
Unassuming in his robe of flowing white
Uniting his people on both sides of the Niger
His legacy to be honoured

United though they seemed
Yet a consensus was a difficult thing
They haggled over the smallest things
The price was their freedom
Three years after their peers

Fifty years after the people live
Under the shadow of the three wise men
Slowly building gods out of men

Fifty years and the people stumble
As they look backwards on the
Stone memorials of their last heroes


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