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The Curse of Three


Every syllable of your wordsRing past these careful walls
How can I sleep in this beautiful glass house?
Lying next to me is the curse of three

See how she follows me
Sneaking past heavily guarded resolutions
Crowding every new relationship
Sharing every anticipated kiss

In the morning she mocks me
In his phone calls, her laughter scorns me
So that when he see me
He is displeased

I met her when I became a woman
I knew she was the favoured one
But the fire in his eyes
Burned past my flimsy dress

When the last light of the candle flickers out
And my heart races with the speed of a heartbreak
I hear her voice in the dark
She whispers in loathing

The day when he finally decides to go
I claw frantically at the ground
To grab the last prints of his footsteps
While she stands watching

Where is the freedom in your love?
The paradise you promise me?
Where is the end to this journey?
She stands over your shoulder yet again

She is a curse
A brutal spell
She must be exorcised
Cast into the fiery pits of hell

I look into the pools of your eyes
I will not be destroyed by her lies
She must be cast away
This you must promise

You must come to me
Virgin white before the rites
Clothe you with the red of our love
You must put an end to the curse of three

She haunts the unsure mind
She snaps the fragile twigs of love
If indeed you love me
Let her voice no more be heard

    • I am. Sorry about the long silence. I was working on issues with the site. We will be resuming Born Again next week.

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