Unilag Runs Girl (15)

The room was dull white enclave of overused sheets and lingering smells of past affairs. The two occupants of the room slept on the bed. Far away from each [...]

Unilag Runs Girl (14)

The meeting came to an end and the directors stood up from their chairs, hands adjusting the lapels of expensive designer suits or straightening hems of well [...]

Unilag Runs Girl (13)

Patricia’s classmate Onome pulled her aside just as she was leaving the classroom after their morning lecture. “Did you see your name on the notice [...]

Unilag Runs Girl (12)

Onyinye was having second thoughts as she sat cross legged on Stanley’s bed and waited for him to return from the conversation he was having with his [...]

Unilag Runs Girl 12 Postponed till tomorrow.

Good evening all, I know some of you would have refreshed this page countless times for the new episode of Unilag Runs Girl. I am sorry to be behind schedule [...]