Unilag Runs Girl (7)

Something woke Pero up. She didn’t know what it was until she opened her eyes. It could have been the light that had suddenly filled the room or the fact [...]

Unilag Runs Girl (6)

Patricia walked down the stairs, half listening as her friends discussed the recent heat wave that had swept the city in the past few days. They all wore [...]

Unilag Runs Girl (5)

Pero dialed the number, waiting patiently for it to be picked. At last a husky male voice answered the phone. “Hello?” “Hi Joe,” Pero said, a fond [...]

The Magnitude Of Love

There is a whisper in my soul Like the sweet stirrings Of an untamed melody Swinging me back and forth [...]

Unilag Runs Girl (4)

Patricia could not believe her ears. She stared at the grinning man sitting behind the age worn desk. The air conditioner continued to rattle in the [...]

Unilag Runs Girl (3)

Patricia stared wide eyed at the light complexioned woman behind the counter as if she was seeing a ghost. “What do you mean the check has been cancelled [...]