Eternal Soul

I sprang forth from the Intricate merging of human souls My story has been told before Right under the withered baobab tree [...]

Get Him To Smell Like Our Male Leads This Holiday

How many times have you read about my male characters wearing colognes with woody, spicy notes, Yes, you guessed right. I am a big on scents. I [...]

Unilag Runs Girl (2)

Patricia walked up and down the corridor, her palm determined to leak gallons of water. She wiped her hands on her jeans for the umpteenth time, trying to [...]

Unilag Runs Girl

  Patricia looked down at herself in dismay, and struggled with the top of her low neck blouse, trying her best to conceal her overflowing cleavage. [...]

Feminism – Dealing With Myths

  People like to pigeonhole you. It’s easier. Viggo Mortensen.          There was no singular moment when I woke up and wanted to [...]

The Woman Who Lived Her Dream

  Beatrice passed a hand over the face of the fat pot bellied man on her small narrow bed. When there was no reaction from the man, she placed her hand [...]

Timeless Makeup Tricks

As a makeup specialist, one of the top questions I am always asked is this: “What are your master makeup tricks everyone should know?” It only takes [...]