Dana Air And The Complicity Of Nigerian Government Officials

    June 3rd 2012 was just like any other day. It was a Sunday, the last day of the weekend, and most Nigerians were relaxing in their homes with the [...]

A Culture Of Rewarding Bad Behaviour

      My belief in the concept of right and wrong was what led me to study law. In fact, as a young girl growing up with a mother who taught me with the [...]

Bridging The Gap: Why Government Must Involve Youths.

  A lot has been said about the age of African leaders and the sit tight syndrome they all suffer from. While the rest of the world presents young, [...]

Much Ado About Geo-Political Zones And Governors Forums

  It has been almost a hundred years since the British colonialists conducted a marriage of the Northern and Southern provinces of Nigeria, but time has [...]

Of Insecurity, Threats And Secession

    I was not born when Nigeria witnessed  her first civil war from 1967 to 1970,  but if the accounts of the books I have read are to be believed, [...]

Charity Begins In Cote D’Ivoire

Many have come across the saying “charity begins at home”, and my bet is that majority of them don’t need an English language expert to explain to them [...]

Between The Former Deji Of Akure And The Nigerian Culture

  Culture has been said to be “the set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterize an institution, organization or group”. [...]

The Political Tragedy Of Nigeria

  When the death of erstwhile Kano politician and political bigwig, Abubakar Rimi hit the web, there was a volley of reactions. A very few sympathetic [...]

Lessons From The Tiger Woods Saga

  As word leaked that world’s number one athlete, Tiger Woods as going to make a public appearance ever since going underground following the [...]

Nigeria – A Country On Life Support

  I once had a very good friend who worked with an American aid agency here in Nigeria. We liked to hang out a lot and our discussions were mostly [...]