The Three Wise Men

              There were three wise menIn the land of the Niger Area One came from the East A quintessential pen [...]

This Old Place

                  This old placeWhere the river joins the sky And the lilies grow in whites Where the [...]

The Curse of Three

Every syllable of your wordsRing past these careful walls How can I sleep in this beautiful glass house? Lying next to me is the curse of three [...]

The Ghosts of Saint Simmons Island

It was a dark night in May at Durbar Creek Across the marshland, the wind blew slowly Palm trees of a strange country stood on the shores And the [...]


The Oasis and the diamond Confuse me, and I don’t know Which among the two is like you So rare, so precious So unbidden in my wildest dreams Such a [...]

The Magnitude Of Love

There is a whisper in my soul Like the sweet stirrings Of an untamed melody Swinging me back and forth [...]

Eternal Soul

I sprang forth from the Intricate merging of human souls My story has been told before Right under the withered baobab tree [...]