Are You A Witch?

   CROSSING THE LINE  “I see a small fire burning in your church,” the young woman sang in her melodious voice. “There is opposition [...]

Invitation to my book reading

  Hello All, I apologize for the long silence. I have been caught up with a lot of work and I had to take time off to tend to personal issues that [...]

The Woman Who Lived Her Dream

  Beatrice passed a hand over the face of the fat pot bellied man on her small narrow bed. When there was no reaction from the man, she placed her hand [...]

Broken String

  Ajoke looked at her new husband, unable to believe that she was now married to him. He looked magnificent. The muscles of his back flexed invitingly [...]

A friend In The Creeks

  She is so beautiful, he said to himself, eyeing the stick of cigarette between his fingers. And those eyes…He threw the unlit cigarette into the [...]

Twilight At Terracotta Indigo (2)

  THE BABY AND THE HOUSE FULL OF STRANGERS                                                 The living room was quiet. Gentle [...]

Twilight At Terracotta Indigo (3)

                  THE CHILDHOOD FRIEND Tolu snapped her mobile phone shut, hissing in frustration. [...]

Twilight At Terracotta Indigo (4)

                      WOMAN ON A MISSION TOLU WAS starting to sleep, her svelte shape [...]

Guardian Of The Fall (3)

  The Girls Of The Hill The little girl stood outside the dusty brown bungalow with corrugated iron sheets and a banana tree framed front [...]

Guardian Of The Fall (2)

  The First Test The villagers gathered around the small wiry man sitting on a short tree stump in the middle of the large open square. A small cluster [...]