Friday , April 25 2014
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  • Unilag Suspended

    Unilag Suspended

    Hi all, Sorry for the silence. I would to announce the temporary suspension of Unilag Runs Girl unti...

  • Gentlemen of the Bar (15)

    Gentlemen of the Bar (15)

    THE OYELOWO MANSION DAMILOLA OYELOWO’S ROOM Damilola rubbed the scented massage oil between her palm...

  • Unilag Runs Girl (17)

    Unilag Runs Girl (17)

    Tola shook the hand of the last investor; a man named Mr. Brahimi and stood up from the table. The o...

  • Gentlemen of the Bar (14)

    Gentlemen of the Bar (14)

    LEKKI LAGOS NADEN’S APARTMENT   The house was dark, save for the light from the television. It was h...

  • Unilag Runs Girl Postponed!

    Unilag Runs Girl Postponed!

    Hello All, Due to unforeseen circumstances, Episode 17 of Unilag Runs Girl has been postponed till n...