Thursday , December 18 2014
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  • Born Again – The Beginning

    Born Again – The Beginning

    Hello Darlings,   So I thought I should share a sneak preview of the next series. I know many o...

  • Gentlemen of the Bar – The End

    Gentlemen of the Bar – The End

    EPILOGUE   It was one of those days in December. The wind bearing down on the South from the No...

  • Two


    The Oasis and the diamond Confuse me, and I don’t know Which among the two is like you So rare, so p...

  • Gentlemen of the Bar (26)

    Gentlemen of the Bar (26)

    ANGELA   Naden’s fingers play an uneven beat on the keyboard of his computer. Tap Tap Ta-ta-tap...

  • No Ghosts Allowed!

    No Ghosts Allowed!

    To the ghosts that lurk in the shadows, First, I say thank you. The mere fact of your visit, betraye...